Map, Model & Manage Your Assets

Applied Technologies

LiRo's Applied Technologies Division leverages the latest technologies, research and data analytics to deliver innovative solutions across the entire spectrum of design, construction management, architectural, engineering and infrastructure projects.

Redefining What & Where

Leaders in the industry, LiRo is ahead of the competition, pioneering a new approach to the full lifecycle of asset management. Our team fuses state-of-the-art Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to visualize and manage key data across the entire infrastructure lifecycle.

  • GIS Data Development
  • Digital Tax Mapping
  • BIM and 3D Visualization
  • Mobile LiDAR Scanning
  • Drone Data Collection (FAA Certified)
  • Applied Virtual Reality
  • GIS Application Development and Integration
  • Integrated Land Surveying/GIS

Powerful Partnerships

LiRo has forged strategic alliances with Esri and Autodesk, global leaders in the geographic information systems and 3D design and engineering software fields. By combining the capabilities of Esri and Autodesk with LiRo's internal expertise, LiRo's Applied Technologies Division has revolutionized the application of location and design to real-world problems.

NextGen Results

LiRo combines leading-edge visualization, data management and geospatial data to deliver powerful, granular-level insights to locate, identify, catalog and manage assets.

The result? Our clients access tomorrow's solutions, today.

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