MTA Bridges and Tunnels

Agency-Wide BIM Implementation


New York City, NY


MTA - Bridges and Tunnels


Following the success of LiRo VDCO’s work on several MTA Bridges and Tunnels (MTA B&T) projects, LiRo was tasked to consult on BIM implementation agency-wide.

About the Project

LiRo has provided a variety of VDCO services while consulting on BIM implementation. These include:

Project Challenges & Solutions

Implementing a functional VDCO practice at MTA B&T requires an understanding of the facilities’ processes, structures, and professional culture both at the project and enterprise level. The VDCO Standards are a result of collaborative discussions with MTA B&T and LiRo’s BIM expertise. These standards, along with Facility BIM Manuals, BIM Specifications, and BIM Implementation plans, serve as the framework to verify and monitor the quality of MTABT models and their output.


The first version of MTA B&T’s VDCO standards and specifications have been completed, plus high quality information models and visualizations have been created across all nine of their facilities, including reality capture and automated asset registers.


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