New York City – Waterfront Maintenance Management System

A System that Helps Streamline Access to Complicated Information


New York City, NY


New York City Economic Development Corporation

Project Cost

Approximately $1 million


The Waterfront Maintenance Management System (WFMMS) serves New York City’s repository of the City’s waterfront properties. Over the last decade, LiRo, working with its partner COWI North America, performed multiple waterfront surveys using GPS and digital imagery to accurately capture infrastructure and assess conditions over 564 miles of City shoreline. This data is stored in the Waterfront Maintenance and Management System (WFMMS), which was developed by LiRo and is used daily by NYCEDC, a host of City agencies, and marine engineering consultants to enter inspection data, new marine structures, and to project long term capital costs.

About the Project

WFMMS provides the New York Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC, the custodial agency) and stakeholder staff with the ability to efficiently store and access data related to marine infrastructure and inspections, which provides for more streamlined management of waterfront properties and features.

WFMMS provides integrated online access to the wide range of GIS, photography, tabular data, and reports about the City’s waterfront. This enables the NYCEDC to efficiently work with and share data with stakeholders including other City departments, New York state, federal agencies, and contractors.

The WFMMS includes the following features:

Project Challenges & Solutions

The New York City waterfront is massive and has a complex array of structures that were designed and built over the last century. To add to the complexity, multiple City agencies are responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the structures and the associated capital planning and construction. LiRo’s accurate survey of the structures and the resulting WFMMS provide the City with a single, authoritative database of marine structures.


WFMMS provides the NYC marine engineering community with the confidence needed to accurately identify structures and their condition. The WFMMS dashboard and features allow for streamlined data entry and powerful reporting capability and provide a unique insight into the City’s marine structures and their history.


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