LiRo GIS Unveils NYC Web-Based Property Information Portal

November 1, 2023

Yesterday, LiRo GIS attended the 2023 New York City Department of Finance’s Tax Representatives and Practitioners Program (TaxRAPP). A major highlight of the conference was the unveiling of NYC’s new web-based Property Information Portal, which LiRo GIS proudly built as part of the Replacement Digital Tax Map project.

The Property Information Portal is a one stop shop for taxpayers to access their property card, manipulate data by selecting geographic boundaries, and view 3D depictions of condominium lots, air lots, and subterranean lots. NYC is one of the few places in the world that has implemented the 3D component, which is considered the next generation of digital tax mapping. The portal will be made available to the public in early December but until then please contact LiRo GIS for more information at

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