Virtual Design, Construction, & Operations Services

Making Better-Informed Decisions Using BIM

Providing a virtual version of any project is a reality when working with LiRo. Our Virtual Design,
Construction, & Operations team can simulate the processes, data, and geometry of a building
or infrastructure project – essentially creating it “virtually” ahead of actual construction. With our
knowledge of various cutting-edge software tools, we are able to analyze, visualize, and
communicate building information so the entire project team is able to make better-informed
decisions – from design through operations.

LiRo’s experts provide full-service modeling for projects of all categories and scales – and for
both new and existing facilities. We have extensive expertise with the following industries and
applications: architecture, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, structural, civil,
infrastructure, site logistics, and landscaping.

How We Do It
We develop and integrate Building Information Modeling (BIM)-related technology and
processes into our client’s existing workflow. We can build a 3D virtual model from 2D reference
documents and laser scans, and link it up to schedules (4D) and information-based cost
estimation (5D). These capabilities are revolutionizing how projects are planned and tracked. As
the building design evolves, our team can seamlessly update the virtual model, and
automatically distribute review comments to the project team. We have extensive experience in
clash detection and systems coordination during both the design and construction phases, and
can detect issues much earlier than with traditional methods. The use of a sophisticated
visualization engine allows us to provide near photorealistic walkthroughs for a fraction of the
effort compared to traditional visualization software.

How You Benefit
These tools and more enable our clients to review the building that is actually being built in an
ongoing fashion. We have the capacity to take BIM data accrued from design through
construction phases and integrate it into facility management and operations. This data includes
the most detailed information about facility elements, systems, and spaces.

Through our unique process and technology, we are able to surface potential issues, run “what-
if” scenarios for construction sequencing and resource allocation, perform certain tests on
information models to measure code compliance, track construction progress, and provide
detailed analysis, quality control, and validation for daily construction tasks. These services
ultimately save time and money on our projects.

LiRo is considered a leader in the implementation of BIM in construction applications, and we
are constantly investigating new developments to stay at the forefront of this rapidly evolving
field. Contact LiRo today to take advantage of our revolutionary methods.