State and Federal Contracts

Work With a Trusted Government Advisor, Top AEC Contractor

Government agencies can work hand-in-hand with LiRo, a trusted government advisor and a top AEC contractor with experience serving the State and Federal Contracts, New York State Office of General Services (NYSOGS), and Massachusetts Statewide Contracts.

LiRo’s Applied Technologies Division – our people, ideas, technology, and outcomes – are all designed for impact. We bring a fresh perspective – from inside and outside government – to help solve challenges. From GIS and IT modernization to operations optimization, we bring insights from our client experience to drive bold and lasting results.

General Services Administration (GSA)
As a federal agency or a cooperating state and local government agency, you can access LiRo’s services and leverage the full strength of our capabilities through a wide range of easy-to-use government contract vehicles. LiRo has been awarded a Federal General Services Administration (GSA) IT 70 Schedule. The GSA IT Schedule 70 enables LiRo to offer general purpose commercial Information Technology software and services directly to our customers.

LiRo Contract Information: General Services Administration Federal Supply Service Contract Number 47QTCA19D00K7. Contract valid 8/29/19 to 8/28/24. Specialty Item Number (SIN) 132-51 Information Technology Professional Services (SIN subject to cooperative purchasing).

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New York State Office of General Services (NYSOGS)
LiRo has been awarded numerous contracts with the New York State Office of General Services. The Project Based Information Technology Services (PBITS) contract allows NYS Agencies as well as NYS local governments to procure IT and GIS services using an expedited mini-bid process.

LiRo Contract Information: NYS OGS Project Based Information Technology Services Contract Number PB177AA. Contract valid until September 2024.

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LiRo has been awarded numerous contracts with the Massachusetts Statewide Contracts. Any political subdivision of the Commonwealth can obtain GIS and IT services under ITS74 without doing a request for responses (RFR) or request for proposals (RFP) process.

LiRo Contract Information: LiRo has been awarded a five year State of Massachusetts ITS 74 contract. LiRo was selected competitively based on evaluating our project experience, capacity, and references. LiRo can provide an array of GIS services including GIS implementation planning; GIS data development and maintenance; geospatial software development (including technical support); and web map application hosting.

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