New York State Office of General Services Firing Range

A Unique Design for Each Project


Various Locations, NY


New York State Office of General Services

Project Cost

$3.5 million


LiRo was awarded a contract for the design of new firing ranges for a variety of purposes and in multiple locations statewide.

About the Project

LiRo has designed three facilities to date. Each multi-discipline design utilized LiRo environmental, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering professionals. LiRo personnel also performed acoustical modeling for each project.

Sing Sing Correctional Facility Firing Range, Ossining, NY

LiRo designed the new Sing Sing Correctional Facility (SSCF) 8-lane Fully Enclosed Firing Range. This facility can accommodate up to 100-yard AR-15 qualifying in a fully enclosed environment. The facility is equipped with state-of-the art ventilation and acoustical controls. LiRo is presently performing construction services with construction underway and scheduled to be completed in the Spring of 2020.

Correctional Officer Training Academy Firing Range and Training Building, Coxsackie, NY

LiRo has substantially completed design of an outdoor firing range and training building at the Coxsackie Correctional facility. The facility consists of a 5,000 sf classroom training building for 60 trainees, a shooter’s shelter, a steel escalator bullet trap, a 16-station 100-yard baffled firing range with shooting positions at 100-, 75-, 50-, 25-, 15-, 7- and 3-yards for AR-15 rifle, 9mm pistol, and shotgun training. The range is fully baffled (no blue sky) from 25-yards to target. The facility design also includes a separate CS-gas training building, and the main training building includes a heated outdoor access corridor with 6-eyewash stations to support 4-season capsicum spray training. Wick’s Law compliant public bid documents for Construction, HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical-contracts are in preparation with awards scheduled for late 2019.

Auburn Correctional Facility Firing Range, Sennett, NY

LiRo has completed the design of an 8-lane, 100-yard Indoor Firing Range for the Auburn Correctional Facility. LiRo’s work on the project began with development of program documents and permitting that included wetlands delineation and a SEQR long form, continuing through development of plans and specifications, preparing a SWPPP/NOI, and bid support. In response to resident concerns regarding range noise impact, LiRo collected background sound data, terrain, and ground cover information and modeled sound propagation from the range using the CADNA 3-D analytical model. The composite low bids for the project came in within 1-percent of the project budget estimate of $7.3 Million. Construction is underway and is on schedule to be completed in the Spring 2020. LiRo is providing ongoing construction services including SWPPP inspections, submittal review, RFI responses, Informational Bulletins, engineering inspections, and meetings.

LiRo is also providing construction management for the project under a separate contract with OGS.

Project Challenges & Solutions

Each project in this contract requires its own approach and design to meet the needs of the individual facilities. LiRo accomplished this by thoroughly reviewing each facility’s varied training, access, classroom, communication, utility integration, parking, and other requirements during multiple site visits, meetings, and follow-up correspondence. For example, for the new 8-lane Fully Enclosed Firing Range at the SSCF, to meet correctional officer training requirements, SSCF required a facility accommodating 100-yard AR-15 training, complete ballistic containment, adequate parking, and a 2,500 sf classroom/office Preparation Suite. The only space available on SSCF property was situated in a sloping tight space, constrained by bedrock outcrops, a 70-foot high cliff, and the outer perimeter road and security wall. Residences are located in close proximity at the top of the cliff. LiRo overcame the space constraints to meet all range, Preparation Suite, handicap access, utilities, and parking requirements by using the terrain as an advantage – stacking the classroom below the Ready Area end of the range and providing covered parking under the range. To alleviate residential noise concerns, LiRo modelled sound propagation from the range using the CADNA 3-D analytical model. Because of the sound-absorbing envelope designed for the range interior using the best available ricochet and reverberation reducing materials, the sound from the roof mounted HVAC equipment was the largest contributor to sound propagation. The facility is equipped with an interlocking range control system and data is provided linking the security and mechanical systems to the main SSCF information system. This facility is designed to meet all of SSCF requirements, to create a healthy and comfortable environment for the users, and to have virtually no impact to the surrounding community.

At the Coxsackie CF Range, the project location lies in an historically and environmentally sensitive area. As part of the project, LiRo coordinated a three phase archeological study that alleviated concerns expressed by indigenous tribal interested parties and SHPO. In addition, a mitigation plan was developed to address wetland and raptor habitat impacts.


Multiple design options were evaluated for each project. All of the designs meet ballistic containment, ventilation, acoustical dampening, OSHA, ADA, SEQR, various environmental and Code requirements.


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