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LiRo Academy, our extensive professional development program, helps our staff sharpen their skills to better serve our clients and to help us grow in new markets. LiRo Academy is an evolving curriculum of educational courses, training, and mentoring designed to help our employees succeed in their current roles and prepare them for future growth and advancement.

Our employees can access free courses taught by both in-house and external industry experts. To ensure ongoing, easy access to LiRo Academy, instructors deliver training through year-round classes, webinars, videos, and individual mentoring at LiRo offices and off-site locations.

LiRo Academy curriculum is based on the experience levels, job functions and requirements within and across departments. Some training, for essential skills and core competencies, is mandatory; other training, for advancement and to obtain key certifications and licenses, is encouraged with incentives. Employees are also encouraged to earn bonuses by developing and teaching courses for their co-workers.

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