Strategic Partnering & Diversity

LiRo is committed to diversity and inclusion in both our operations and in our workplace.

Inclusion is key to building workplaces of the future. We at LiRo work hard to build a corporate culture that empowers all our employees to freely share their ideas, know their presence, and contributions are truly valued. This climate fosters commitment to and satisfaction in their work and enables all employees to unleash and maximize their potential.

In addition, we work closely with our clients to maximize participation by MWDBE firms. Women and minority-owned businesses, disadvantaged businesses, small businesses, and businesses owned by disabled veterans are encouraged to apply and compete for all contracts and subcontracts. Read more: Doing Business With LiRo.

Mentoring and Training
LiRo actively solicits diverse business firms to participate on LiRo projects and provides mentoring services and training to MWDBE firms and Section 3 hires. Our staff ensures that diverse firms and Section 3 hires have a complete understanding of their assigned tasks which adds to their knowledge base and ultimately the overall success of the project.


Not often do we get to highlight our positive experiences working as a subconsultant for large firms such as The LiRo Group. Built on trust, respectful persistence and opportunity, The LiRo Group granted us our first large public works contract in 2008. It was here where we truly recognized their commitment to MWBE outreach and engagement. The Laland Baptiste staff was fully integrated with the LiRo staff to create a unified team to effectively manage the contract deliverables. While we, Laland Baptiste fulfilled a contractual MWBE goal, their approach was focused more on team building, client satisfaction and quality services. This was accomplished in part due to their continuous mentoring, capacity building, communication and dedication to seeing a trusted partner grow. LiRos’ devotion to supporting the growth of MWBE firms has allowed Laland Baptiste to expand our services, engage with new clients and continue to develop and strengthen our company.” – Robert Baptiste, Principal, LaLand Baptiste, LLC

LiRo’s commitment to MWBE firms goes beyond contractual requirements. BuiStudio has benefitted from the mentoring by LiRo executives to help our firm build capacity and expand our services. We had started out offering marketing and project management services and now can also provide program management, advisory and compliance services through multiple project delivery methods. At the project level, the true collaboration with LiRo team members has forged strong relationships and trust in our staff, resulting in BuiStudio personnel serving in meaningful and in many cases, leadership roles. Each marketing pursuit and project award has been a building block for BuiStudio to expand our project portfolio, industry contacts and client base. I’m grateful to LiRo and proud to be a part of so many successful and historically significant projects for my community.– Trang Bui, President, BuiStudio LLC

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