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LiRo’s four-step Corporate Management System is the foundation for our quality of service. Step-by-step, this is how we ensure continuous improvement and service excellence:

  1. Standardize. More than 70 standards guide our activities so they meet or exceed regulatory requirements and industry standards. They take into account best practices in engineering, architecture, construction management, and administration. Accessible to all employees, staff may propose improvements to these standards at any time.
  2. Implement. Every LiRo project uses our standards as the basis for service delivery. A project-specific procedure manual is then developed to measure our service quality. It includes: project organization, communication plan, contract deliverable spreadsheet, health and safety plan, procedures, and checklists. All client deliverables are documented in this manual and available for review by the client and government agencies.
  3. Audit. Each major project is audited annually to ensure contract deliverables are consistent with the client, LiRo, and legal standards. The audit team will typically interview both client and LiRo project personnel to gather feedback on LiRo’s performance and efficacy. Project and management teams receive audit results.
  4. Improve. Project audit results are aggregated for leadership’s review so systemic issues may surface and be addressed, either by changes in policies, standards, training, and/ or commitment of additional resources. Improvements are documented in LiRo’s Policy Manual and Standards. LiRo employees receive these updates by email.

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