137 Centre Street Special Victims Unit Renovations NYPD

Renovating with a Victim-Centered Approach


New York, NY


New York City Police Department


Under a multi-year A/E services requirements contract, LiRo provided architectural and engineering design services for renovations of NYPD’s Special Victims Unit Office Space at 137 Centre Street (7th Floor). LiRo’s scope of work included:

About the Project

The renovated Special Victims Division facilities doesn’t look like traditional police offices. There are comfortable couches and play areas for children, natural light, and art on the walls. Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. said of the new facility, “With police, prosecutors, advocates, and service providers working together under one roof to help survivors report crimes, secure justice, and heal trauma, these facilities exemplify our shared commitment to victim-centered law enforcement.”


The new Manhattan Special Victims facility aims to provide greater care for crime victims by focusing on accommodating survivors throughout the entire investigative process including the “welcoming and calming” design.


Architecture & Sustainable Design


Police/ Fire