Woodfield Cottage Security Modifications

Getting Ready for Major Changes


Valhalla, NY


Westchester County Department of Public Works


Woodfield Cottage, located on Westchester County’s Grassland Campus in Valhalla, New York, provides secure detention housing for juvenile offenders (previously only up to their 16th birthday). Adolescent offenders that were 16 and 17 years old were housed with adults in the County jail. Due to a recent change in New York State laws in 2018, adolescents that have not reached their 18th birthday are no longer permitted to be housed with the adult jail population but rather are sent to a juvenile detention center — like Woodfield Cottage. In order to comply with this new law, Westchester County retained LiRo to provide security modifications to Woodfield Cottage, as a first step to enable the County to comply with this new regulation.

About the Project

LiRo’s scope of work includes:


Upgrades at Woodfield Cottage that address the security needs of adolescent offenders will ensure Woodfield’s ability to both house and provide meaningful programs for them.


Architecture & Sustainable Design


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