Town of Oyster Bay Juneau Blvd Area Phase I/ Juneau Boulevard Reconstruction Phases I of IV

Deteriorated Roadways, Faulty Drainage System Revamped in Long Island Residential Neighborhood


Woodbury, NY


Town of Oyster Bay Department of Public Works

Project Cost

$2.2 million


Through extensive coordination with various state agencies and a utility company, LiRo provided roadway and drainage improvement work to significantly deteriorated residential roadways in the Long Island hamlet of Woodbury, New York. The project involved design and construction inspection services—including curb replacement and the mitigation of flooding conditions—for 1.2 miles of roadways within a single-family residential neighborhood.

About the Project

Restoring the roadways and drainage system in Woodbury required three key phases of work:

  1. In-depth study of pavement and drainage system conditions.
  2. Design and oversight of drainage system improvements.
  3. Design and oversight of new pavement sections as well as curb removal and replacement.

LiRo performed a comprehensive topographic ground survey and an in-depth analysis of the existing drainage systems in accordance with the Nassau County Procedure for Storm Drainage Design. This work then led to the design of the proposed drainage systems with sediment and erosion control plans and flow lines that eliminate localized settlements and improve storm water flow. In addition, LiRo oversaw the installation of new drainage system components, requiring extensive coordination with the utility company as utilities are located underground. Studies, plans, designs and reconstruction of all roads in the project area were also performed by LiRo.

Project Challenges & Solutions

This project proceeded without many issues, thanks to the planning of the LiRo team, other than typical challenges associated with road construction in a residential area.


This project was completed on time and within budget.


Civil & Structural Engineering