Suffolk County Forensic Sciences Building

Strengthening the Building’s Systems


Hauppauge, NY


Suffolk County Department of Public Works

Project Cost

$11 million


The Suffolk County Forensic Sciences Building is a two-story, 100,000 sf structure constructed in 1984 and located in the Hauppauge Government Center. The building contains the Medical Examiner’s Office, which consists of Medical Forensic (Autopsy), Toxicology, and Crime Laboratory sections; as well as the Health Department’s Public and Environmental Health Laboratory.

About the Project

LiRo, working as a subconsultant to Loring Consulting Engineers, Inc., is providing architectural services related to the upgrade of the MEP systems. We are providing details related to the architectural finishes and spaces affected by the upgrade work. LiRo is also providing a PLA study for the construction contracts to complete the building-wide MEP equipment and component replacement (including ceilings and lighting) at the Forensic Sciences Building. Finally LiRo is providing architectural design services for a full window replacement campaign at the Medical Examiner’s Office.


Architecture & Sustainable Design