Russell and Beebee Power Stations Demolition and Remediation

D&R Design and Construction Management for Two Power Plants


Rochester and Greece, NY


Rochester Gas & Electric/ Iberdrola USA

Project Cost

$36 million


LiRo provided engineering design services and construction management services to Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E) for the demolition and remediation of the retired Beebee coal-fired electric generating station, located in the City of Rochester on the bank of the Genesee River, and the retired Russell coal-fired electric generating station, located in the Town of Greece, New York, at the Southern shore of Lake Ontario.

About the Project

LiRo provided engineering design and environmental consulting services for the demolition and remediation of two retired coal-fired power plants in Western New York. The project included a focused investigation to identify, characterize, and quantify lead paint, asbestos, PCB-bearing equipment, metals-contaminated ash and residues, and other hazardous materials (i.e., drummed waste, mercury lights and switches, CFCs, etc.). In addition to the environmental remediation, facility demolition design included protection of existing switch yard and transmission infrastructure, utility terminations, tunnel closures, access road repairs, and site restoration.

LiRo conducted an adaptive reuse study of the Beebee Station to identify and evaluate the logistical differences and elements of cost between two Station decommissioning scenarios: abate and demolish the structures versus abate and stabilize the structures for future adaptive reuse. Logistical considerations included abatement and environmental cleanup approach, demolition and dismantlement approach, structural considerations for stabilization, steps needed to preserve structures from deterioration and weather, and operations and maintenance requirements. The evaluation was based on inspection and review of existing environmental and structural conditions and an assessment of the end-state condition of the buildings after decontamination and abatement activities.

LiRo also provided full-time construction management services including third party monitoring and construction inspection services for the demolition and remediation of the two facilities.

Project Challenges & Solutions

Beebee Station had some challenging components, such as excessive building deterioration, adjacent infrastructure to protect, the Genesee River gorge wall stabilization, and vibration monitoring/control. LiRo’s team of cross-trained environmental construction management staff continually focus on public, health, and safety concerns. “Prudent Practices” were utilized to ensure that the project was performed as required and ensured the project was completed safely, on time, and within budget.


Restoration at both sites included seeding for field wildlife at the former Russell Station and for slope stability at the former Beebee Station. New access roads were installed at both sites and the site access gate guard shacks and security fencing were restored, as necessary.