Beech-Nut Plant Abatement and Demolition

Inspiring Neighborhood Transformation


Canajoharie, NY


Montgomery County, NY

Project Cost

$6.5 million


The abandoned Beech-Nut facility, comprising 26.9-acres, is situated in the heart of the Village of Canajoharie, and its central multi-story monolithic structure visually dominates the community. In order to encourage business and residential investment, infuse energy into the downtown, and transform the adjoining neighborhoods, LiRo assisted the County and Village with site redevelopment efforts. LiRo provided professional engineering services and construction management for asbestos abatement and demolition of multiple structures at the abandoned Beech-Nut Facility.

About the Project

All of the buildings associated with the site had been abandoned and were vacant for more than 11 years. During this time, lack of maintenance led to the deterioration of building frames and exterior shear walls. Structural connections associated with beams, columns, and roof joist girders exhibited significant deterioration and corrosion.

LiRo provided engineering design services and construction management services for demolition and abatement of most of the facility including an abandoned warehouse space on the East side of the Canajoharie Creek and deteriorated building structures on the West side of the Creek.

LiRo assisted the County and Village with an adaptive reuse study for some of the building space along Church Street on the West side of the Canajoharie Creek to determine the viability of rehabilitation.


Now completed, the entire property is shovel-ready and available for redevelopment. The former Beech-Nut site offers numerous opportunities for development and supported by both Montgomery County, NY and the Village of Canajoharie. The site is fully visible from the NYS Thruway and includes infrastructure and utilities ready for future development purposes.