Town of Oyster Bay Expansion of Ellsworth W. Allen Park

Reuse Design Hits it Out of the Park


Town of Oyster Bay, NY


Town of Oyster Bay Department of Public Works

Project Cost

$11 million


The Town of Oyster Bay hired LiRo to design a 22.5-acre expansion of Ellsworth W. Allen Park while navigating remediation requirements for this once-contaminated property to ensure the site remains safe for public use. The area of Allen Park requiring remediation is the so-called Liberty Site. Since the mid-1990s, the property has undergone extensive updates to ensure its safety.

About the Project

The project required removing contaminated soils, concrete, above- and below-grade structures, oils, and miscellaneous debris as the result of previous operations. In addition, the EPA required the capture, treatment, and recharging of a groundwater plume negatively impacted by previous operations on the property. As mandated by the EPA, the groundwater system must continue operations until the plume is fully remediated. Therefore, the system needed to be accessible and protected during the development and use of the expanded Allen Park. Because of funding availability, the construction of the park was conducted in two separate phases with two different contractors.


Project Challenges & Solutions

LiRo was asked to create a design that would encompass the Liberty Site as well as an additional acre north of Allen Park that the town acquired. The design took into consideration the following wide variety of park facilities. LiRo successfully incorporated all the facilities the town requested in the design, including the late addition of two bocce courts per the request of the Town of Oyster Bay community.


On June 30, 2019, the construction of all phases was completed. The park is currently used by the community and their various sports teams. Both phases of the park were completed at budget.

News & Awards

  • 2020 ASCE Quality of Life Award


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