Bergen Point Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion and Upgrade

Responding to Future Growth With Expansion


West Babylon, NY


Suffolk County Department of Public Works

Project Cost

$120 million


Located in the southwest quadrant of Suffolk County, Sewer District No. 3 serves a 57 square mile area with over 950 miles of sewer lines and 14 pumping stations. LiRo is providing program and construction management services for improvements to the Bergen Point Waste Water Treatment Plant, which processes the effluent from the district prior to release to the ocean outfall. The Bergen Point Wastewater Treatment Plant provides primary and secondary treatment for the removal of biological oxygen demand (BOD) and suspended solids in the wastewater flow. Since the design loading rates were exceeded for more than eight calendar months, a plan for future growth was required.

About the Project

In response to this issue, the project consists of four individual tasks:


Program & Construction Management


Water/ Wastewater