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Improving New York’s Schools


New York, NY


New York City School Construction Authority

Project Cost

$12 million


LiRo offers a long history working with the New York City School Construction Authority, successfully providing professional services in multiple disciplines for consecutive contracts. Under these contracts, LiRo has performed work on virtually every type of project in the Construction Management Emergency Response, Extension of Staff, and Mentor Programs, with a proven and reliable track record of project completion.

About the Project

LiRo’s construction and project management history with the SCA includes projects at over 500 schools and ranges from major, highly expedited restructuring programs, to the construction of the new 297,000 sf Mott Haven Campus at the 8.7-acre site in the Bronx, to assignments for high profile fast tracking of universal pre-k facility modifications to urgent and critical energy efficiency upgrades and room conversions at school facilities throughout New York City. The SCA’s Industrial and Environmental Hygiene Department engages LiRo directly for hazardous materials code compliance inspections, domestic drinking water system disinfections and testing, and oversight of contractor activities.

Project Challenges & Solutions

These services are often provided in a planned coordinated manner with SCA Project Officers as part of capital improvement efforts; however, the SCA need to have emergency response to discovered physical and environmental conditions of concern, frequently requiring immediate mobilization of our technical resources that includes manpower and testing equipment. In these cases, our management team partners with SCA to determine the resources necessary to address the emergency situation, develop a scope of work with defined milestones and deliverables, and coordinate the activities of the project team. High-profile examples of this include the district-wide testing of potable water and the testing of possible lead based paint in functional areas of schools being converted to use for K-2nd grade.


The LiRo team has completed more than 2,000 projects in more than 500 schools under consecutive contracts since 2004, including survey, design, and abatement monitoring in connection with ACM, LBP, mold, and PCB contaminants. Coupled with a series of separate but concurrent hazardous materials management on-call contracts, these two complementary services provided by the same firm brings added value to the SCA in that the teams have worked hand-in-hand in many instances and both teams are familiar with maintaining the operations of an occupied facility, all while protecting the safety of students, faculty, and the general public.


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