Emergency Contract for Restoration of the Electrical and Mechanical Systems of 12 Movable Bridges

Repairing Infrastructure Left Vulnerable by a Natural Disaster


New York, NY


New York City Department of Transportation

Project Cost

$70 million


New York City was severely affected by Superstorm Sandy, destroying not only housing but causing great damage to the City’s infrastructure. LiRo provided resident engineering inspection services for 12 movable bridges that sustained major damage due to the impact of Sandy. LiRo oversaw the repairs of the electrical and mechanical systems at the following 12 movable bridges for this emergency work: 207th Street over Harlem River (swing bridge); 145th Street over Harlem River (swing bridge); Macombs Dam Bridge over Harlem River (swing bridge); Madison Avenue over Harlem River (swing bridge); Third Avenue over Harlem River (swing bridge); Ninth Street over Gowanus Canal (vertical lift bridge); Carroll Street over Gowanus Canal (retractable bridge); Third Street over Gowanus Canal (two-leaf bascule bridge); Union Street over Gowanus Canal (two-leaf bascule bridge, this bridge was eventually removed from the contract); Grand Street over Newtown Creek (swing bridge); Borden Avenue over Dutch Kills (retractable bridge); and Hunters Point Avenue over Dutch Kills (one-leaf bascule bridge).

About the Project

LiRo’s oversight of major construction operations included:


Resident/ Construction Engineering & Inspection


Disaster Recovery