Project RK-65A, Reconstruction of the Bronx Plaza and RK-75, Interim Repairs to the Manhattan Plaza at the RFK Bridge

Improving the Flagship Robert F. Kennedy Bridge Complex


Randalls Island, NY


MTA - Bridges and Tunnels

Project Cost

$250 million


LiRo provided construction administration and inspection services for projects RK-65A, Reconstruction of the Bronx Plaza and RK-75, interim repairs to the Manhattan Plaza at the RFK Bridge. TBTA’s mission of upgrading the entire RFK Bridge Complex continued with the implementation of open road tolling and reconstruction of the Bronx mainline structure.

About the Project

Contract RK-65A, Reconstruction of the Bronx Plaza at the RFK Bridge, accomplished the following main objectives: upgraded the Structure for a 50-year design life; accommodated the current and future traffic; upgraded the tolling system from toll plaza to open road tolling system; minimized the inconvenience to customers; maintained the revenue stream; upgraded the electrical and mechanical systems; and raised the Plaza roadway by approximately two feet. RK-65A construction included new over the road gantry and TEB equipment in Queens and Bronx, Queens monument restoration, staged demolition and replacement of the Bronx Plaza deck, demolition/replacement of the toll plaza equipment, steel repairs on the Bronx Plaza structure and seismic retrofits and construction of new piers. The main intent of the RK-75 portion of the joint project was the demolition of previously occupied spaces beneath the Manhattan Plaza. This demolition and associated interim repairs was the next step in the TBTA’s long-term planning for the replacement of the Manhattan Plaza. RK-75 construction included demolition of the building structures, including mechanical/electrical systems, asbestos abatement and steel and concrete repairs on the Manhattan Plaza. LiRo’s virtual design and construction focused on BIM civil and structural modeling, review, model integration and tracking, and reporting.


This project helped to improve the safety of all motorists and reduce congestion by streamlining travel between Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx. It is also part of $1 billion in investments committed to ensure the RFK Bridge continues to serve its daily customers and unite the New York region.


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