Storm Resiliency Projects

Restoring Sites Impacted by Extreme Weather


Various Locations, NY



Project Cost

$3 million to $60 million per project


LiRo provided engineering services and construction management for multiple locations affected by Superstorm Sandy in 2012. LiRo designs included mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and fire alarm systems that addressed storm-related damages and improved resiliency against future extreme weather events. LiRo has performed resiliency design work for numerous entities including Hudson River Park Trust, New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), and the Village of Freeport.

About the Project

LiRo designed MEP upgrades for the Hudson River Park Trust at multiple locations across the park between Pier 25 and Pier 96. A significant aspect of the project included removal, replacement, and relocation of damaged electrical switchgear. LiRo designed improvements for mechanical HVAC equipment, fire sprinkler/fire alarm equipment, and plumbing equipment to mitigate and minimize potential for future flood damages.

LiRo worked with NYCHA on MEP resiliency measures for multiple developments including Coney Island Houses, Jacob Riis Houses, and Campos Plaza. Projects featured the installation of elevated low-pressure boilers and removal of existing underground fuel oil tanks to strengthen building heating systems against storm events. Designs called for new electrical equipment above flood elevations and stand-by generators to back up electrical services.

The Village of Freeport project included the installation of a new 3 MW diesel generator with black-start capabilities to jumpstart the Village of Freeport electrical grid in the event of a blackout. The generators are designed with demand response capabilities to parallel with the existing electrical grid during periods of high demand.

Project Challenges & Solutions

Storm resiliency projects typically have strict windows for project completion because of their funding mechanisms. LiRo addressed this challenge for Hudson River Park Trust by designing, procuring, and managing 15 construction projects in parallel to quickly bring this park back to life. Existing MEP equipment tends to be below the design flood elevation (DFE) and therefore requires extensive coordination with building and site constraints to safely relocate. Coney Island Houses addressed low-lying equipment by integrating a new boiler plant into a community center built above the DFE.


LiRo restored project sites with MEP systems damaged by Superstorm Sandy to better serve their users and protect critical infrastructure against future storms.


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