New York University New Life Center

Providing Next-Generation Connectivity


Mineola, NY


Winthrop University Hospital


LiRo was tasked with designing the in-building cable plant at NYU New Life Center of Winthrop University Hospital for patient rooms, nursing stations, call stations, CCTV, and other audio visual and security monitoring requirements.

About the Project

Cable and cable-path routes were designed to connect rooms throughout the building, risers, and horizontal spaces. The broadband design also includes Wi-Fi coverage throughout waiting rooms, lounge areas, and cafeteria. Supported services include CCTV update, multiple layer Wi-Fi, network performance and throughput speed improvement, and next generation workspace deployment.

Project Challenges & Solutions

Working on a live system required a hot-cut design allowing the network to remain active while construction work was being performed. This also required the existing IDF/MDF closets to remain active during upgrades to the system. LiRo collaborated the upgrade by working with Winthrop Hospital on a phased build solution on floors where patient care and treatment was active.


The resulting network performance is stable, switch-balanced, and providing optimal throughput speeds.


Mechanical, Electrical, & Telecom Engineering


Security (CCTV)