Green Infrastructure for Jamaica Bay

Green Infrastructure for a Brighter Future


Jamaica Bay, NY


New York City Economic Development Corporation

Project Cost

$130 million


The New York City Economic Development Corporation awarded the largest green infrastructure contract to LiRo after proven success on past green infrastructure projects. LiRo is providing construction management services for the construction of a variety of green projects in the Jamaica Bay tributary area.

About the Project

The project consists of more than 2,500 Right of Way Bioswales (ROWBs) as well as more than 60 “on-site” green infrastructure practices across 12 NYCDPR and NYCHA properties. On-site green infrastructure includes a variety of storm water best management practices (BMPs) such as subsurface detention chambers, retention systems, porous pavements, and rain gardens that capture runoff from roadways, recreational hardscapes, and parking lots for housing developments.

ROW green infrastructure, located adjacent to streets and other paved areas, incorporates inlet and outlet curb cuts to divert stormwater gutter flow into the ROWBs, where it is stored and infiltrates into the prepared subsurface. Excess flow is channeled through the outlet cut to a downstream catch basin.

Project Challenges & Solutions

The work in the Jamaica Bay tributary area is divided into five separate contracts, each with multiple design teams and both ROW and “On-Site” green infrastructure construction. LiRo is providing preconstruction design review, estimates, and schedules, as well as construction phase supervision and post-construction maintenance monitoring. To streamline a complex data management, construction documentation, and reporting requirement, LiRo developed a GIS data management system, which provides real-time construction monitoring from the field direct to the client. The system gives quick access to the client at both granular level and project level progress within a few clicks on a web-based platform.


Successful implementation of the program will manage combined sewer overflows by minimizing stormwater volume and will improve air quality and provide enhanced aesthetics.


Resident/ Construction Engineering & Inspection