FDNY Zerega Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Station 3

Situated in the Southeast Bronx, a Vital EMS Station Delivers Reassurance for Residents


Bronx, NY


New York City Department of Design & Construction

Project Cost

$18 million


The new EMS Station 3 brings needed community amenities—ambulance dispatch and maintenance—in a facility that incorporates numerous features that allow it to provide essential services throughout natural and man-made disasters.

About the Project

LiRo provided construction management services for the new two-story, 11,500 sf Bronx emergency services building. This building was the first to implement FDNY’s newly developed comprehensive EMS program, which improves response capability by accommodating a larger number of vehicles, staff, and support spaces. The new EMS station was constructed on an open lot, which was occupied by a Community Garden. The structure houses an apparatus floor with six ambulances, a refueling bay, a decontamination bay, locker rooms, and a training room as well as administrative support, a kitchen, and storage space to support 150 EMTs and paramedics. This building’s structure consists of a steel frame that bears on a pile cap/ grade beam foundation and includes Open Web Roof Joists. The building’s façade is constructed of several different types of materials and windows, which was coordinated and coupled to the building structure. The design incorporates a green roof and additional sustainable features. Interior daylighting is provided by the translucent polycarbonate skin, which transforms the building into a beacon of light at night. The pitched green roof, which creates a continuous swath of vegetation across the building roof and into the new adjacent community garden location, collects excess rainwater to reuse on site and in the garden. Solar hot water panels along with photovoltaic panels to provide a green building heating system.

Project Challenges & Solutions

LiRo developed precondition surveys and a vibration monitoring program for the adjacent properties during construction. The pile foundation and structural work were carefully monitored to prevent disturbance to the adjacent structures.


The EMS Station 3, located on Zerega Avenue, is a neighborhood icon that delivers a sense of safety and security among residents.


Program & Construction Management


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