Hamilton Avenue Marine Transfer Station Received MENY Award

November 15, 2017

LiRo, with JV Partner URS, was excited to accept the 2017 Municipal Engineers of the City of New York Project of the Year Award for the completion of the new Hamilton Avenue Marine Transfer Station. Located on the Gowanus Canal, the Hamilton MTS is the newest station opened by the NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY), and will process about 1,600 tons of trash from across Brooklyn. Trash delivered by truck will be loaded into shipping containers, carried by crane to a barge, and then shipped to train yards in New Jersey for transport to landfills. Before the opening of the new station, trash had been transported to private transfer stations within Brooklyn and long-hauled via truck to landfills. By replacing the need for long-haul truck based transport, the new transfer station will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. DSNY is committed to meet the mandates of the city’s 2006 Solid Waste Management Plan, intended to reduce current levels of air and noise pollution while incorporating sustainable methods to dispose of municipal solid waste. The Hamilton Avenue Station is the third of five new barge-to-rail stations planned citywide as part of the plan.

The new station includes exhaust system scrubbers which will neutralize odor causing compounds in the facility before they are introduced to the atmosphere. Negative air pressure systems, rapid roll-up doors, and sealed leak-proof shipping containers will minimize odors from the facility.

The URS/ LiRo JV provided construction management services for the Hamilton Avenue MTS and the previously completed North Shore MTS in College Point, Queens. The team is currently managing work at two additional stations in Southwest Brooklyn and Manhattan. As the projects are all located at the shoreline, work has typically included dredging, extensive dock fendering, piles, piers, and bulkheads, in addition to the construction of the open span structures. Coordination and compliance with city, state, and federal agencies with regulatory authority over the facility was a critical project component.

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