Parks & Recreation

A New Way to Play: We’re Built for This

Just like in sports, LiRo knows teamwork is essential when creating opportunities to enjoy the natural environment and a respite from everyday responsibilities.

We have the knowledge to coordinate the needs of designers, construction teams, and stakeholders to meet parks and recreation project goals. Many of our assignments are completed under on-call contracts, and we have consistently provided expedited response to meet immediate client needs.

LiRo has provided a variety of services, including landscape architecture, environmental remediation, construction management, and construction engineering and inspection, for a wide array of parks and recreational facilities. From the creation of new parks and open spaces to the upgrade of existing facilities, we have leveraged our expertise to successfully transform underutilized spaces into attractive public amenities. Our knowledge of green infrastructure, urban planting, and horticulture enhances our work on both park and streetscape projects.

Drawing on the full resources of the firm, we complete parks and recreation projects with the highest level of technical expertise, quality, cost-effectiveness, and timeliness. We create facilities in which people are excited to play, practice, and take pause.

How We Serve

  • Passive Landscapes
  • Sports Fields, Playing Courts, and Playgrounds
  • Promenades, Hardscapes, and Site Furnishings
  • Waterfront Stabilization, Seawalls, Docks, and Boardwalks
  • Bio-swales and Bio-basins
  • Urban Planting and Horticulture
  • Community Centers and Park Support Buildings

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