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LiRo’s understanding of judicial and correctional operations, combined with our extensive design expertise and construction management capabilities, translates to high-quality projects that are delivered on time and within budget.

With extensive experience managing construction projects in operational prisons, jails, detention facilities, courthouses, and police precincts, LiRo understands the key challenges these projects present:

  • Maintaining separation between staff, public, and detainees.
  • Safety, security, and privacy considerations.
  • Maintenance of ongoing facility operations throughout construction.

LiRo is diligent in enforcing one of the most critical rules of correctional and judicial projects: there can be no security breaches. We review all contractor work plans, and coordinate with facility personnel, to ensure that construction operations will not impact the integrity of the secure perimeter. All temporary perimeter openings or detection device shutdowns must be closely coordinated with the correctional staff, and must be made secure at the end of each workday, to mitigate breaches.

These facilities also are required to operate 24/7/365. LiRo typically performs preconstruction reviews to develop phasing and sequencing plans that ensure operations are unaffected and maintained to meet the needs of the facility. We carefully coordinate system tie-ins and utilities shutdowns with the facility to minimize disruption.

Safety and security procedures are integrated into the construction plan to segregate workers and deliveries from inmates. Contractor employees are trained, tools are monitored, and the work is physically contained to provide isolation of the project site from adjacent facility operations. LiRo is fully aware of the need for background checks, identification badging, and sign-in procedures for all workers. Material deliveries and laydown areas are carefully coordinated with the facility. Our construction contracts are flexible to permit occasional work shutdowns based on facility requirements.

Work in operational facilities often includes hazardous material identification and removal. Procedures are established to address the removal of asbestos and lead to ensure that appropriate precautions are taken so that the safety of the inmate population and facility staff is maintained.

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  • Feasibility Studies
  • Constructability Reviews and Estimates
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Quality Assurance
  • Construction Monitoring

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