Safety and Health

Safety and Health

The LiRo Group stresses the importance of providing a safe work place for our employees and believes that all work should be conducted in a safe manner. LiRo recognizes that a commitment to a LiRo Incident Free Environment (LIFE) requires all employees to be provided with the necessary support to ensure that our vision of an incident free environment is achieved.

Our commitment to LIFE is underpinned by:

  • Management's commitment to provide a safe and healthy work environment to its employees.
  • Encouraging open communication between all project personnel and soliciting input, support and action to achieve an injury‚Äźfree environment.
  • Providing training and equipment to help ensure employee safety and project success.
  • Promoting safety as a value rather than a directive and extending that value into all areas of our professional lives.

LiRo recognizes that for the program to be fully successful, it will require the personal commitment of everyone, at every level, to LIFE.

LiRo LIFE Safety Awards

A new Safety Award program has been initiated to distinguish particular staff members who have shown a continued focus on safety. The recipients are selected by the Director of Safety and awards will be made periodically throughout the year.

Safety Team:
Niagara Falls State Park Renovation

A project team that together has made a tangible impact in eliminating incidents and injuries.

Safety Team: Niagara Falls State Park Renovation

Pictured l to r: Jeff Kohler, Dan Sullivan, Andy Schuler, Ryan O'Connor, Mark Behringer, John Scherer, Charlie Hall

The Niagara Falls project is comprised of more than 25 separate assignment within the State Park, as well as at other parks locations in the Buffalo area. At any one time, there are up to 6 active assignments under construction. The setting is adjacent to major waterfalls, running water, rock formations, and woodland, presenting many challenges in keeping both workers and park visitors safe. The project team has been proactive in ensuring that safety protocols are followed, and incidents have been kept to a minimum.

Safety Champion:
Doug Owen, PE

An individual who consistently champions uncompromising commitment to safety.

Safety Champion: Doug Owen, PE

For more than 8 years, Doug has been Project Manager for several repair and improvement projects at the Throgs Neck Bridge. The safety implications of working on the bridge, with operations suspended above the water, atop cable and towers, and amid the continuous flow of over 115,000 daily vehicles, provide myriad challenges. As a detail oriented manager, Doug's focus on safety has clearly made a difference in enabling this work to proceed without serious incident.

Rising Safety Star:
Jeff Stuhler

A young employee who has made a tangible difference in keeping their project safe.

Rising Safety Star: Jeff Stuhler

Jeff is currently Superintendent at the SUNY Stony Brook University MART (Medical and Research Translation) Building, a 470,000 sf addition to the existing Medical Center that will provide a 20-story patient bed tower and eight-story medical research wing. Jeff is persistent in his oversight of the contractor to make sure that all safety protocols are being followed and that the workers are kept safe.